Frequently asked questions


What dress code should I follow?

During the workshop you should wear closed shoes and lightweight clothing that covers arms and legs completely ( to protect you from the heat radiation of the glass furnaces). Wear preferably cotton clothing, don’t wear synthetic clothing. Keep in mind that the clothing allows you to sit with bent knees and possibly squat.


Do I need to bring anything of my own to the workshop?

The only things to keep in mind are the dress code (see above) and providing a drink can with water. The workshop will take place in the glass studio, close to the glass furnaces. This means that the temperature of the glass studio can be quite high.


Can I make my own creation?

The glassblower will guide you to the final result of the workshop, but deviations in size, thickness, color … are normal. Please note that the participant follows the instructions of the glassblower; it’s not possible to make your own designs during a workshop.


What if my creation is cracked or broken?

If your creation cracks or breaks during the creation or cooling process of GlazenHuis, a moment will be scheduled by the glassblower to re-create it.


What if I am not yet present at the workshop starting time?

It’s best to arrive on time! Please register at the GlazenHuis information desk no later than 15 minutes before your time slot. Because of the strict schedule during our workshops, we cannot afford to start later than the specified starting time. As a result, workshop participation cannot be guaranteed for late arrivals. Therefore, please allow enough time to park, walk towards GlazenHuis, register at the front desk and enter GlazenHuis.

Will you be late due to circumstances? Please inform us by phone on 011 399 601.


Can I cancel my workshop reservation?

Notify us at least 2 weeks in advance via e-mail. Your spot will then be open to others. The registration fee will then be refunded.

Is it a last-minute cancellation? Please notify us twice. Both via mail and by phone on 011 399 601. The registration fee will not be refunded.


Can I reschedule my workshop reservation to another time?

This is only possible if you book online again. The first registration fee will be refunded and you’ll pay again for the second registration. Don’t forget to cancel your previous reservation (see question above).


Is the workshop accessible to people with disabilities?

The workshop space is accessible to everyone. In order to adequately participate in the workshop acts, it is recommended to:

  • Be able to sit down on the glassblowing bench
  • Be able to hold and operate tools with your hands
  • Be able to blow firmly

Of course, one can always choose to have more performed by the glassblower. That choice is up to the participant.