Audiovisual installation '(t)ears'

“Through the media of glass and water, this audiovisual work expresses the broad spectrum of tears of emotion that can move our outer and inner world. (t)ears invites the passerby to come closer, get engaged and be absorbed.”
-Pak Yan Lau


This project is a collaboration between Musica & Pak Yan Lau.

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‘(t)ears’ is part of the music program ‘Flow, My Tears’ that was conceived for the International Festival Vocallis. Inspired by the popular song by medieval composer John Dowland, the project sees Ensemble88 (M’tricht, NL) and KL-EX Klangexperimente (Eupen, DE) perform a number of original works by Jacob van Eyck and Girolamo Frescobaldi, as well as a new composition based on Dowland’s song. Musica was commissioned to develop a participatory concept for the project, of which ‘(t)ears’ will be the result.

Pak Yan Lau’s audiovisual installation ‘(t)ears’ combines a number of participatory recordings with a physical object. A ‘chat box’ is set up at various locations, where visitors can make a sound recording that is a auditory reflection of tears and the feelings behind them: tears of joy, tears of sadness, heartbreak, pain.. The collection of recorded sounds will be used in a sound art installation that also incorporates blown glass ornaments of GlazenHuis.

About Pak Yan Lau

Pak Yan Lau, born in Belgium, with roots from Hong Kong and now based in Brussels is a sound artist, improviser, musician and composer, who has developed over the years a rich, dense and captivating sound universe from prepared pianos, toy pianos, synths, electronics and various sound objects. Skilfully blending acoustic, electro-acoustic and electronic approaches, she explores sound in a bewitching way, merging these different approaches and sound sources with poetry, magic and finesse.