3 questions for resident Rinoi Imada

We asked some questions to our resident from Tokyo, Rinoi Imada. Her residency at GlazenHuis is ongoing from August 2 to October 8, 2023.


Which idea do you want to explore during your residency in GlazenHuis?

“I’ve been creating and experimenting the idea of an inadequate mind through blown glass sculptures and glass panels at GlazenHuis. The hollow glass sculpture I’ve been making in here is a metaphor of a human body/mind. In the action of making, I push and poke on soft and hot glass surfaces creating random patterns inside of the glass membranes. The gesture of making process represents slight discomforts and moments of disruptions that are easily dismissed in our daily life, however it echos around once we realize them.”


How do you experience this ten-week residency halfway through?

“I’m having so much fun trying out new patterns, shapes and color pallets on my sculptures at here. Although I’ve messed some of them up, each creation gives me lessons and finds to make them better next time. Also, it is my pleasure working with Grzegorz Bibro and Jordan Tavan – who are my assistants here – being patient, and helpful all the time. Now my residency went halfway through, I’m bit nervous to wrap my ideas and creations up together in my rest of time!”


Why do you think people should visit GlazenHuis?

“I think glass art is getting popular and also openminded to everybody these days. I feel more and more people enjoy glass as not only a craft material but also as art forms and its performative making process. GlazenHuis introduces histories of glass, process, and contemporary glass art by its unique exhibition and hotshop. It is a great museum that people can see and educate themselves all together in a one place. I’m also excited how it’ll expand after the renovation, and people from around the world visit here.”


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