New gallery

Artistic Director GlazenHuis Jeroen Maes and Counsel for Tourism and GlazenHuis Karel Wieërs opened the new GlazenHuis art gallery. In this gallery, exclusive handmade glass artworks are offered for sale. These were created by international “artists in residence” who in recent years breathed life into their creations in the hotshop of GlazenHuis.

Since 2013, GlazenHuis has successfully built an international residency program. Here, renowned international glass artists are invited to work in the hotshop for a period of time. This residency program has since gained a worldwide reputation. The scope of this art gallery can therefore be called unique, to say the least. The artworks created during these residency periods are now given a beautiful place in the beautiful setting of the historic Huis Aerts.

The gallery can be visited daily between 9 am and 5 pm.