29/10: New expo

Do you know your personal Holy Grail? What is your ultimate handhold? And what form does it take?

For many glass blowers the Holy Grail is the handwritten book ‘Advanced Glassworking Techniques’ by Edward T. Schmid (USA). This step-by-step manual has already initiated many glassblowers in their quest within the wonderful world of liquid glass.

Our artist-in-residence Sam Aldridge (USA) followed Schmid’s step-by-step instructions for blowing basic shapes. Schmid also dissected a number of works from the Lommel glass collection to reveal the secret making process. In his typical drawing style, he sketches them on the windows of GlazenHuis.

The upcoming winter exhibition ‘The Holy Grail’ shows the script for glassblowers, the mystical dissection of glass art techniques and the unprecedented wealth of the Lommel glass art collection. By digitizing this collection, it aims to reveal its treasure of artworks. Will you find your Holy Grail here?